Need something to make you realize that you take your ability to legally procure a strong cocktail for granted? Listen to what buzz-crazy kids are doing these days.

According to the above news report from KPHO,CBS affiliate in Phoenix, youngsters these days aren't just hiding forties under their hoodies, they're going to greater, and more dangerous lengths— soaking tampons in vodka and inserting them both anally and vaginally to get drunk. Apparently this creative method of imbibing is potent, allowing for the alcohol to enter the bloodstream quickly and efficiently without passing through the stomach.

Before you think to attempt this method of mayhem, know that this route of consumption results in alcohol posiong due to the inability to gage the amount of alcohol consumed, and permanent damage to the vaginal walls: A steep price to pay for a buzz, no?  We'll just stick to shot glasses, thankyouverymuch.

[via Warming Glow]