The holidays are a very special time of year. Spending time with your family is fine, and we all love stuffing our faces full of fowl and other fall treats. Our favorite part, though, is gift-giving—especially when we're the ones receiving.

That's why Black Friday is our favorite holiday of the year. There's literally nothing like dragging yourself awake at 3am and driving bleary-eyed to Best Buy, Target or Walmart to stand around with 1,000 other people all out for the same deals as you. Actually, it's pretty miserable, though there is a certain festiveness to it. To ease your pain, we thought it might be nice to throw together this list of our favorite deals on games this year. Consider it our gift to you. Happy shopping!

(Keep in mind, these are subject to change, so it's probably best call your favorite retailer and confirm that the deal you want is accurate. That said, most of these are straight from, and they tend to have their act together.)