As Jim Henson's red-haired stepchildren, the characters on Fraggle Rock never quite got the respect that The Muppets have over the years. The show was devoid of high-profile guest-stars, and the characters were never the subject of multiple movies like their more successful counterparts. The world seems to have forgotten about Henson’s B-squad all together.

There have been several rumors about possible Fraggle Rock movies heading into pre-production, but here we are years later and they're still sitting in development hell; meanwhile, The Muppets are enjoying a silver screen renaissance. We think this show is well overdue for a movie version, just as long as the producers stay true to the Fraggle Rock's roots and don’t go in the CGI direction to bring these characters to life.

Better yet, a Fraggle movie could mimic the Alien vs. Predator films and feature scraps like Gobo Fraggle versus Kermit The Frog, or Mokey against Miss Piggy. Throw in a hard R-rating for excessive felt-tearing and curb-stomping and you'd have a foolproof winner.