We've seen Apple demonstrate its new voice-controlled AI on stage and in promo videos, but now that iPhone 4Ses are beginning to make their way into the wild, "Siri" is actually being subjected to some real-world testing.

The results? Genuinely amazing, actually. In the above video from Stuff.tv, Siri responds to and executes commands in mere seconds, and doesn't have any trouble understanding a variety of voices talking at natural speeds.

The software types up and sends texts and emails in a snap, quickly performs currency conversions, provides weather reports, and fetches factoids like the distance from the Earth to the Moon.

But the real beauty of Siri isn't its value as a "humble personal assistant" today, but its implications for the way we'll interact with our devices and computers more generally going forward. Watch the video (and this earlier one from Apple) and let your imagination run wild.