79. Sybil Danning

Occupation: Actress
Hottest Moment: 1985, Howling II, Your Sister is a Werewolf. It's a fairly arbitrary pick; basically Sybil Danning's career (stretching back to the early '70s) was one of sustained B-movie nudity built on her essentially perfect physique. She did women-in-prison movies (Chained Heat, Reform School Girls), Sci-Fi (Battle Beyond the Stars), swords-n-sandals (Hercules, Warrior Queen), nude whodunit (Malibu Express) and straight-up erotica (Young Lady Chatterley II).
Where Is She Now: With her filmography, it was hardly surprising Rob Zombie gave her the call for the fake trailer Werewolf Women of the SS from the 2007 drive-in homage Grindhouse.