The highly anticipated Knocked Up spin-off, This is 40, takes a deeper look in to the aging lives of Pete (Paul Rudd), and Debbie (Leslie Mann), i.e. Ben Stone's (Seth Rogen) pesky would-be in-laws from the first film. Considering it's from the mind of writer/director Judd Apatow, the flick is guaranteed to fill the theatre with plenty of laughter, and plenty of on-screen hotness. Besides the timeless beauty that resonates off of Mann, Apatow’s upcoming comedy, in theaters this Friday, will include Megan Fox…in a bikini.

If even just a few glorious seconds of Fox in a two-piece isn’t enough for you to hit the theater, then let your hormones fuel you to get off your couch by clicking through the stunning actress' sexiest GIFs.

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