6. "Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace" (Treehouse Of Horror VI, 1995)

Over the years, The Simpsons has perfected the movie parody, and in its twisted take on Nightmare on Elm Street, the show delivers one of its finest ones. In this story, Groundkeeper Willie is killed by the adults in Springfield and vows to get revenge on them in the afterlife by attacking their children in their dreams, a la Freddy Krueger. This leads to a whole heap of dead children, including Martin, whose corpse succeeds in traumatizing a class full of kindergarteners.

Treehouse Of Horror VI is overall one of the best of the series, and Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace is the best segment of that bunch. But it's also so twisted and bizarre that is makes you wonder what kind of sociopaths have worked on this show over the years. Any horror fan should check this segment out as it is filled with loving homages to the trite cliches of the genre.