World of Warcraft fans can rejoice, that is after they stop laughing. Blizzard has revealed the next expansion pack for their mildly popular MMORPG (that was a joke). The fourth expansion for the game, entitled Mists of Pandaria will bring an idea that used to be an April Fool’s joke to life.

The new chapter introduces and entirely new race to the game world, the Pandaren. These Panda-like creatures may be new to the game but that have been a part of Blizzard lore for years. First introduced as an April Fool’s joke during the days of Warcraft 3, the race has made cameos in a variety of other Blizzard games. The pack will also introduce and all new character class in to the game, the Monk.

Go ahead and get the jokes and mockery out of your system WoW players, you have a new expansion pack to prepare for.