Richard Nixon liberally abused the trust of the American people until he eventually bought himself a one-way ticket out of the White House. Elvis Presley liberally abused prescription drugs and saturated fat until he eventually bought himself a ticket to an early grave. But despite their separate successes and failures, both men's lives will forever be entangled due to a famous meeting in 1970.

Now, according to Deadline, this meeting between the two is about to be the subject of a film directed by Cary Elwes titled Elvis & Nixon. The movie will star Eric Bana and Danny Huston as Presley and Nixon respectively. This 1970 get-together came about after Presley petitioned to become a Federal Agent at Large in the war on drugs, which is infinitely ironic because less than a decade later he would die of a heart attack most likely brought on by years of drug abuse. If this film is aiming for accuracy, we hope that Bana goes on an all bacon and barbiturate diet to truly pull off an authentic Elvis. 

The movie will shoot from a script written by Elwes, along with Joey and Hanala Sagal. While there is an official Elvis biopic in the works, Elvis & Nixon will solely concentrate on one moment in the King’s life, rather than the whole story. 

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