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It looks like Brad Pitt is on hand to join the budding bromance between director Steve McQueen and actor Michael Fassbender. After the duo first paired up on Hunger, which brought them both some considerable attention, word is now out that Pitt the actor will help them to dominate the fall movie  chatter. We already reported that Brad's Plan B production company will be developing the adaptation of Solomon Northup's autobiography Twelve Years a Slave—but adding one of the biggest actors in the world is extra swag.

Underrated actor Chiwetel Ejiofor (Redbelt, Inside Man) signed on back in August to play Northup, an educated free black man living in 1853 New York. The plot finds him bamboozled, kidnapped, and forced into slavery for (you guessed it!) twelve years. Co-written by McQueen and John Ridley (Bobby, Three Kings), Twelve Years a Slave sounds like it'll be filled with bizarre and horrific pieces of American history. With The Fassbender rumored to portray Canadian carpenter Samuel Bass, we have to ask you — are you itching to see an ominous Brad Pitt to rival Leonardo DiCaprio's sinister Calvin Candie in an epic historical drama?

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