It's abundantly clear that the state of our country's Law Enforcement is in shambles when the bottom 10% of your high school graduating class have since become police officers, but this clip shows just how much the profession has truly begun to slip.

After the officer lifelessly rambles on about what he’s eating for lunch that day, he spots a motorcycle speeding by a set of train tracks. In an attempt to catch this 17-year-old joyriding on his dirt bike, the cop blows out a tire on his cop car and gets stuck on the tracks. Like a moth to a flame, stupidity seems infinitely attracted to railroad tracks.

First temporarily crippling the railroads of Des Moines, Iowa, and then he wastes the time of four other police officers. Double whammy. The car finally gets off the tracks, though, with the officer receiving nothing but a stern look from his superior. Meanwhile, city-wide looting and violence most likely spread during this unparalleled display of incompetence.

Granted, he's a cop, not a "criminal," but, remember, he's on the clock here. Tax payers' money, put to good use.

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