With its fresh plot, mind-bending subject matter, and surprisingly competent acting by Jake Gyllenhaal, director Duncan Jones' Source Code was critically acclaimed when it was released earlier this year. So what's Hollywood's next movie once they find something fresh and unique? Shove it down your throat ad-nauseum in the form of a weekly television show, naturally. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mark Gordon (Grey's Anatomy) has sold a TV version of the sci-fi/thriller to CBS. Similar to the movie, the show will focus on three former federal agents who use the "Source Code" technology to jump into the consciousness of a person involved in a tragedy. From there, the agent can investigate the events through the victim's eyes in order to prevent further violence. 

The only problem is that it doesn't seem like the film's director, Duncan Jones, is involved in the project at all. He was one of the biggest reasons why it worked so well, and without him the TV might stray away from the movie's strengths and wind up as a hokier version of Quantum Leap, without the unreasonably thick eyebrows of Scott Bakula

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]