Diablo Cody, who won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay with Juno, has become an unfair punchline for hacky and gimmicky writing. But the hardworking scribe has some interesting things in the works, such as Young Adult (which will be out later this year) and a remake of The Evil Dead. Now that she's back in the crosshairs of Pop Culture, Cody makes her directorial debut with Lamb of God.

The film follows a religious woman (played by Footloose ingenue Julianna Hough) who, after a plane crash, questions her beliefs and moves to Las Vegas to try out life as a sinner. Don't let the heavy subject matter fool you; it's not Chuck Palahniuk filtered through Cody's sharp writing. During her personal journey, she comes across a unique persona (Brand) who helps her find herself again. Mandate Pictures has confirmed the casting and a spring start date.

But can the former two-time winner Dancing With The Stars help Brand break away from the stench left behind with his Arthur remake stinkbomb? We'll be keeping an eye out on this as more news develops.

[via SlashFilm]

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