We're not the biggest fans of musical/Broadway play adaptions, but, we must say, Julianne Hough definitely makes this remake of the 1984 youth-in-revolt classic Footloose a movie to consider watching. And, of course, the filmmakers seem to have added more of an "urban" theme this time around, so there's the possibility of awkward toughness, which could provide unintentional comedy.

Background dancer turned actor Kenny Wormald plays the Kevin Bacon role of the new guy in the conservative fictional town of Bomont, Tennessee, where he meets a hot small town girl (Hough) with a big personality and killer legs. Dennis Quaid plays the upset religious father who tries to end the teen dance rebellion, but we all know that's not going to happen. It seems as if director Craig Brewer (Hustle and Flow) has brought some mediocrity to a classic film in order to fit the mode of a typical dance flick.

We're not really buying the new "edgy" feel of this remake, at least based off this trailer, even though, once again, Hough is doesn't look half bad. Consider our expectations lukewarm, leading up the film's October 14 release. How about you?