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According to a tipster talking to Nintendo leak site, Nintendo is having a few issues developing their Wii U console. Sounds like bad news for gamers who were hoping that the Wii U was going to bring Shigeru Miyamoto's company out of the dark ages. Word on the e-streets is that the new tech is actually plagued with a myriad of problems, but Nintendo is trying to offer it to gamers anyway.

Problems include the fact that the "wireless function simply does not work," despite there already being three different prototypes. It also says that the Wii U's main chipset is "a tad too cheap" and "seems inadequate." According to the report, the heavily maligned Wii U is still looking to head into stores in June 2012. It's easy to get a bit doom-and-gloom and assume the worst, and despite's track record, we're not ready to say it's in development hell. Especially after the sub-standard launch of the 3DS, here's hoping that Nintendo figures out a way to curb this potentially disasterous situation.