Palo Alto based WiMM Labs is looking to finally take us past the overdrawn age of calculator watches and developing for a future where computers are wrist-wearable.

Their first wearable computer is called the WiMM wearable platform (terrible product name, guys) and it features a one-inch by one-inch color touchscreen, connects to WiFi and Bluetooth and runs on the Android platform. The device also has an accelerometer and a magnetometer and is waterproof. Furthermore, it runs “micro apps” that allow it to function like a wrist-mounted smartphone.

Interestingly, WiMM doesn’t plan to sell the device directly to consumers (probably something to do with it’s shitty name), but is working on partnerships to release something from WiMM to the market by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the technology is being licensed and developer kits will go for sale soon, though the price is not set as of yet.

[via Engadget

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