Cheater: Shaquille O'Neal
Date Of Affair: 2004 - September 2009

Once again NBA star Shaquille O'Neal found himself the subject of gossipy conversations when good-looking Vanessa Lopez filed a suit against the 7' 1" center in 2010 alleging harassment and threats after she called it quits to their illicit affair. Lopez claimed she knew that O'Neal was married but went ahead and dated him because he told her that he had an open relationship with his wife, Shaunie. After five years of seeing each other, Vanessa supposedly told Shaq she thought she was pregnant to which the basketball star responded that no way he could be the father, upsetting the model. Shortly, thereafter, TMZ published police reports linking Lopez with other NBA ballers, namely Delonte West in 2006 and Kenyon Martin in 2007. Apparently, the woman had accused West of making unwanted sexual advances towards her but police ended up removing Lopez from the player's hotel room after he told them that they had a sexual relationship in the past but were no longer seeing each other. Martin's manager reportedly called police claiming Lopez had gotten ahold of his client's credit card without his permission and withdrew hundreds of dollars. Despite this, Shaq's estranged wife Shaunie, who filed for divorce when the private investigator she hired discovered the affair, joined forces with Lopez to try and get as much dirt as possible on her husband to help her gain a bigger monetary settlement.