With the economy in turmoil as of late and the country's immediate financial future looking pretty bleak, some of the world's greatest financial analysts have been theorizing and sharing what they think may be in store for the U.S. on every news show there ever was.

Oh, and Snooki is too.

Well, wait a second, let's hear her out. Maybe she's got a solid idea, stranger things have happened.

"The economy is really scary because 2012 is coming," the pint-sized guidette told TheWrap during a night of clubbing. "I feel like the first thing that’s going to happen … is a blackout and then everyone freaks out and the world goes crazy ... So hopefully, Obama will take care [of the economy] before 2012."

You know what, nevermind.

We can't help but note that it sort of seem like she's referring to the whole 2012-end-of-the-world ridiculousness that's taken over, but, disappointingly, Snooki doesn't elaborate. Instead, she details how, surprisingly, she hasn't been spending all of her cash on tanning lotion like we thought – she's been saving her money for the future when Jersey Shore is said and done so she'll be able to support herself and her family. Cue the "awws."

[Via TheWrap]