The future is upon us.

New York City is installing 300 parking meters that will allow drivers to refill them using their cell phones. It’s about damn time.

According to the New York Post, drivers must first register online, and then “simply use an app or text message to enter the number of the meter they are parking at, and the amount of time they wish to purchase.” Convenient, right? Don’t get too excited; there’s always a catch. While this might save time, drivers are basically snitching on themselves, as the new meters will “help with enforcement, making it more challenging to feed a meter beyond the time limit. This is all cool, if you’re okay with being tracked…

The meters have already been installed in Atlanta and Washington, and the city of New York will put test meters in outer boroughs and on busy commercial strips to test the new process.

Big Brother is watching you, so park at your own risk.

[via Gothamist]