Jackie Christie

You probably know that Jackie Christie is married to former NBA player Doug Christie, and has been for 15 years now. If you don't, Jackie will make sure you do. Over and over and over and over....

OK, OK, we're just kidding. It's pretty sweet that the two have been able to stay together for that long in a world that just seems like an awfully toxic environment for any relationship to last more than a few years. So, what's their secret? (We're sure you're dying to know.) Well, according to a New York Times article published back in 2002 about the couple, not only do they remarry every year on their wedding anniversary, but they also used to have a sort of...sign language of love when Doug was on the court. Right. Well, whatever works for them. (And clearly, it does—the article goes on to state, "With few exceptions, Doug Christie does not look at other women, avoiding dialogue or even eye contact." Damn, dude.)

As for Jackie, she's been described as loving the spotlight, so she'll fit right in with reality TV!