It doesn't matter if you have the sickest sports car your bank account allows you to cop, unless you're driving on roads able to wrench all the performance from your ride, you're putting it to waste. To get the most enjoyment out of your ride short of taking it on a track, you need to find good driving roads. BMW, maker of the self-proclaimed Ultimate Driving Machine, made an app to help you find them. 

The Ultimate Drive app, available for Android and iOS, allows drivers around the world to map their favorite roads and share them with other users of the app. Find a particularly fun road to drive around your way? Map it out and share it! Users will also be able to rate, rank, and comment on routes. It's free, so give it a try 'cause life's too short for boring roads. 

BMW's The Ultimate Drive app is available now for free from Apple's App Store and the Android Market

[via Ubergizmo]