Not only is Greg Pak’s run on the Incredible Hulk ending this August, but the book is also on its way out. There was a lot of speculation over the future of Ol’ Jade Jaws, but now Newsarama has officially confirmed that the book is receiving a substantial makeover and relaunch this October, courtesy of writer Jason Aaron and artist Marc Silvestri.

The book begins with Hulk and Banner being physically separated from each other as Aaron plans on refocusing on the characters’ pure hatred for one another. That basic aspect of the character has been universally ignored as of recent, especially during Jeph Loeb and Pak’s run, so Hulk fans should rejoice that the character is slowly heading back to the direction that he was meant to be seen in.

This announcement may be on the smaller side compared to the movies and TV shows on display at Comic-Con, but with the Hulk being one of the industry’s most well known characters and having a role in next year's Avengers movie, the relaunch of Incredible Hulk is easily one of the most anticipated happenings at Marvel this year.