Stay: Lindner Congress & Motorsport Hotel 

Address: Stefan-Bellof-Straße D-53520 Nürburg

Flip through some guide books or scroll around some message boards and websites and you'll be directed to stay at the Hotel Tiergarten. We understand why: It's close to the Nordschleife (the North Loop and oldest section of the track, also the section you can actually drive on). However, for our greenbacks-turned-Euros, we'd rather stay at the Linder Motorsport Hotel. 

That lobby is adorned with motorsport memorabilia, the rooms are named after famous race car drivers, and if your room is properly positioned, you can stand on your balcony and see some wondrous machines ripping down the back straight of the Grand Prix circuit. 

Once you leave your room, you can take a stroll around the grounds and see the cars up close. And, on the rare occasion that the roller coaster is working, you can take a ride while scoping out the entire track. Now, that sounds better, right?