Learned from: Up in the Air (2009)
Complex says: In Up In The Air, Ryan (played by George Clooney) thought he met the perfect woman: like him, she traveled all the time, and she wasn't looking for anything more than a hook-up. Thinking they were good enough friends, he asked her to his sister's wedding, which led to them getting even closer and to him finding out she had a husband waiting at home.

Be realistic, guy; putting her in any social situation that involves your personal life is pretty much inviting her into your, and possibly your family's, heart, only to most likely break them both. You'll start mistaking your synchronized calendars and talks at hotel bars as a sign that she wants more intimacy, while she will become increasingly frustrated, confused, and consequently turned off by the clusterfuck of emotion the relationship has become.

It's also worth remembering that her benefits should not include slow dancing with your grandpa as she finds out it's not an open bar.