It’s a common occurrence for Harry Potter aficionados: While hanging out with your peeps, a close-minded one starts insulting J.K. Rowling’s universe, calling it all kinds of slurs that are synonymous with “geek shit.” Well, now that the series is over, it’s the perfect time to convert any and all non-believers; all of the books and movies are available, so there’s no way a hater can use the excuse of, “There’s too much to catch up on,” because he or she has all of the time in the world to get from book/movie one to book/movie two. The end exists; the Harry Potter saga is no longer akin to Lost circa 2005.

Your suddenly curious friend might ask, “But what’s it all about?” And that’s your cue to nerd the fuck out without having to worry about his or her responsive disses. Yet, terms such as “Mudblood,” Muggles, and Dumbledore sound like jibberish to untrained ears, which is why it’s your job to school new potential fans. Grab a Snickers bar, however, because, thanks to Rowling’s love of multi-layered back-stories, fully developed imaginary universes, and nonsensical names like Argus Filch, it’s going to be one long and verbose lesson. But, hey, that’s less time spent crying over Harry Potter’s end.