Now that the first season of HBO’s Game Of Thrones has ended, we can say with the utmost confidence that it’s the best new show of 2011, far superior to AMC’s frustrating The Killing. Whereas The Killing started off strong but then dissipated into a series of useless red herrings and unnecessary plot turns (Who cares about Linden’s bratty kid, anyway?!), Game Of Thrones gained power and respectability with each episode, presenting the intricate world of fantasy author George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire book series with spot-on acting, striking production designs, and a shocking “Anything goes” attitude.

Even though last night’s season finale was more of a cock-tease for next year’s run than a satisfying conclusion, we’re still ready to sing the show’s praises to anyone who’s been hesitant to catch up, due to a lack of interest in sword-and-sorcery fiction or an unwillingness to devote time and brainpower to a multilayered story. And what’s the best way to entice such simple-minded people? By skipping a long-winded dissection of Martin’s rich storytelling and simply counting down the Five Sickest Scenes From Game Of Thrones, the moments in which the show went for broke with ferocious brutality.

If this doesn’t work, and you’re still leery of joining the Thrones fan club after peeping these clips, we should mention that there are tons of hot, naked chicks, and even a few scenes of steamy girl-on-girl fondling. Blame the NSFW code of conduct for us not spotlighting those scenes here.

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