Over the course of seven books, and now eight films, Harry Potter fans have become attached to Rowling’s beloved characters, particularly the female hero Hermione (played by Emma Watson in the movies). Letting go is never easy, especially when there’s fourteen years’ worth of character development at play.

Some might say that it’s best to just re-read the books again and again in order to remain close to Hermione and her lot, but we’ve got a more productive idea: Order one of those sexy Halloween costumes (you know, the ones that give female Potter heads the license to slut it up on October 31st), give it to your girl as an impromptu gift, show her the Lord Voldemort outfit you bought for yourself, and pitch a nighttime un-dress rehearsal of sorts.

That way, you’ll be able to keep in touch (ahem) with your favorite character and you’ll inject some much-needed spunk into your love life. And just think, natural anatomy already gave you a magic wand free of charge.