With DC Comics planning a major overhaul of their entire line of comics this September, it comes as no surprise that many of their characters' classic costumes would see major updates, as well. And today, the NY Post has posted the cover for the first issue of the revamped Action Comics, which features a new look for the Man of Steel.

Set during the early days of Clark Kent’s journey to become Earth’s protector, Action Comics places a rookie Superman in nothing more than jeans, a T-shirt, and a tiny red cape to fight crime. This change is meant to make Superman more of an everyman's champion, as opposed to his more popularly recognized, omniscient deity form.

Written by Grant Morrison, with art by Rags Morales, this new take will emphasize the character's alien nature and isolation. "We felt it was time for the big adventures of a 21st-century Paul Bunyan who fights for the weak and downtrodden against bullies of all kinds, from robot invaders and crime lords to corrupt city officials," Grant Morrison told the NY Post. "The new look reflects his status as a street-level defender of the ordinary man and woman."

While Action Comics takes place in the past, other titles such as Superman and Justice League will show the hero in present day settings, in his new Kryptonian-armored suit.

Costumes aren’t the only thing changing in the life of Superman, though, as Newsarama is reporting that the marriage between Lois Lane and Clark Kent will not carry over into this new brand overhaul either.

[Via NY Post, Newsarama]

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