Remember the Virtual Boy? Nintendo’s red, viewfinder-esque headset offered a monochromatic view of a 3D virtual reality, but the games were extremely basic and the player couldn’t see the handheld remote at the same time, causing mass quantities to show up at Target for little more than a sawbuck not long after the model was introduced. The model was discontinued a year after it’s release.

Well, despite just recently introducing 3D PS3 gaming, Sony is ready to take a step back toward the Virtual Boy’s design and concept. The gaming giant touted a virtual reality device in a head-mounted display at the CES festival earlier this year and are moving ahead with testing.

The unit looks slimmer and sexier than the Virtual Boy (as it should coming out 15+ years later), but maintains a similar shape. Sony’s device also features twin-OLED screens. 

But however poorly the Virtual Boy performed, Sony London Studio chief Mick Hocking expressed optimism in Sony’s approach to a VR product, citing the “3D 10 Commandments” (even though 103 would be 1,000 commandments, but, you know, it’s just math, who’s counting) that Sony has learned in their foray into 3D technology.

[via Engadget]