For a machine that just sucks air into a canister, vacuums are intensely complicated machines. Ones that often wind up breaking in one way or the other, causing you to toss it and cop a new one or send it to a repairman (yes, they still exist. There's one down the block from the 'Plex offices.). British design graduate Ben Fursdon took some time to design a vacuum based on a household broom that was simply constructed and easy to disassemble, fix, and clean. 

Dubbed the Broo-ver, Fursdon's vacuum was the result of of him visiting a landfil and seeing the tremendous number of discarded vacuum cleaners. He spent some time studying vacuum construction, visiting the U.K.'s only vacuum cleaner before embarking on his project. His creation is a lightweight, simple-to-use vacuum with all the components—clear dust canister, hose, motor, and nozzle—clearly lined down the stick of the broom. 

As of now there are no plans to produce Broo-ver, so Britain's other popular vacuum-maker, Dyson, can rest easy. 

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