For some, working from home entails rolling out of bed and clicking on a computer. For others, the rolling-out-of-bed part doesn’t even happen. Thus, physical activity isn’t something normally associated with telecommuting. Even the time saved from not commuting is usually spent on the couch instead of exercising.

American mail-order company Hammacher Schlemmer (surprisingly, it isn’t German) looks to solve the waistline problems for telecommuters everywhere with its new Elliptical Machine Office Desk. Designed for slow pedaling so as not to break a sweat and thus, concentration, the manufacturers boast of users being able to burn 4,000 calories in a week. However, the contraption can’t support more than 300 pounds, so proud telecommuting veterans won’t stand to benefit from it just yet. Retails for a measly $8,000. Stairmaster not included.

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[via Engadget]