He’s fine-tuned in the dark arts.

At a TED conference in 2007, Abrams gave a long-winded lecture dissecting his creative process and basically geeking out for an extended period of time. As informative, though also occasionally tedious and repetitive, as the talk was, one section in particular stands out as being indicative of the guy’s secretive approach to marketing. Not to mention, it also hinted at some pretty strange shit going on in his Bad Robot offices.

Abrams went on and on about a “mystery box,” a literal box with the word “mystery” written on it that, according to Abrams, can be found in his primary workplace and traces back to his days of child wonderment. Within the lecture, the excitable Abrams drew parallels between said box and the enigmatic nature of his film and TV properties, namely Lost.

Our theory: After Abrams finishes writing a script or approving one, he watches the Harry Potter movie of his choice, puts on a wizard’s cloak, casts a “Spell of Anonymity” on the script, and then drops the stapled pages into the “mystery box,” in which the pages are reviewed by unseen black magic forces. Inside the “mystery box” currently lies the proper, satisfying ending to Lost; you know, the one where they actually explain shit.