We loved the teaser, we really loved the 30-second Super Bowl preview, and now the first full Super 8 trailer has us even more assured that if there’s one blockbuster we’ll see this summer, it’ll be this collabo between the great cinematic minds of J. J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg.

It’s evident that Abrams is incorporating many traits popularized by Spielberg back in the late '70s and early '80s. With the nostalgic Amblin Entertainment logo kicking things off, viewers are guaranteed a certain level of quality and style of filmmaking. And the trailer captures high-stakes moments—train collisions, massive explosions, and people effected by the attacks—without giving away too much of the ambiguous plot or abandoning character moments. Even without one specific shot that’s jaw dropping, it’s the steadiness of content and hazy unfolding of the plotline that have us so intrigued.

Although it’s pitted against a string of 3D galore (which we're sure will pale in comparison come review time), we’re quite confident that Super 8 won’t disappoint when it hits theaters on June 10th.