When David S. Goyer adapts a comic book or graphic novel, you want to pay attention. The man behind Blade and The Dark Knight, has attached himself to write and executive produce 100 Bullets, a new graphic novel adaptation for Showtime.

Based on the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning comic book, Bullets is a rooted-in-reality comic book adventure. Per Deadline, the source comic series (which published 100 issues between 1999 and 2009) is "a dark, noir-style story about the attempt by one man, the mysterious Agent Graves, to destroy a secret group of families that control most of the world's wealth and power." Bullets also features revenge plots that force the reader to consider how far they would be willing to go to get retribution.

Anyway, it all sounds pretty awesome, especially since Goyer is the king of reality-based comic adventure. After all, his take on The Dark Knight was one of the more realistic superhero films. If 100 Bullets goes to series, it could be a lengthy and satisfying watch. Fingers crossed.


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