Gaga and Google = BFFs?

Lady Gaga sat down with Google's Marissa Mayer for a whopping one-hour interview a couple months ago, and the two apparently hit it off. Now the dominant pop star and the collossal search giant have re-teamed in a new advertisement for Google's Chrome browser. You wouldn't expect an ad for a Web browser to be the most natural place for a larger-than-life pop singer, and indeed the spot comes off a bit like a forced marriage. Soundtracked by Gaga's new single "The Edge of Glory," the clip mostly features the singer pulling up YouTube videos and dancing in the street looking like an extra from Michael Jackson's "Beat it" video.

Google isn't the only tech giant benefiting from Gaga's Born This Way promotional push. Amazon, which began selling the hotly anticipated album for 99 cents yesterday experienced such high demand that the company's servers crashed.


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