By now, if you’ve heard about The Beaver, chances are that it’s known as the “Mel Gibson with a hand puppet” movie. The one where Hollywood's craziest anti-Semite and wife slanderer plays an ever loonier version of his 2011 self, but with a hand puppet that speaks in an Australian accent. And that’s pretty much the gist of the film, directed by, and co-starring, Jodie Foster. But what should really be recognized about The Beaver is that it’s actually well-acted and pretty compelling, working as much more than a comedy about a mentally disturbed suburban dad who talks through a doll.

Yet, creative success isn’t even the most notable thing about The Beaver, at least not in our eyes. That honor goes to Jennifer Lawrence’s turn as the cheerleader love interest for Gibson’s son, played by Anton Yelchin. The first time we see Lawrence, she’s rocking a white cheerleader’s uniform and walking down a school hallway and into our dreams in slo-mo. And just like that, we momentarily forgot all about nutjob Gibson.

Lawrence, the movie industry’s current it-girl, looks damn good in The Beaver, but she’s nowhere near the top of our list of the 25 Hottest Cheerleaders In Movies. To see where she lands, and to ogle the actresses who’ve made you wish you could revisit those old senior year parties, show some school spirit and have a look.