It's no secret that 3D isn't the big resounding success studios were hoping it would be. We're guessing the slow 3D TV sales have something to do with people not wanting to look like they just left an optometrist while chilling on their sofa. We think 3D TVs would sell a lot of better if the experience was more like the Nintendo 3DS, in that people didn't have to wear headache-inducing active shutter glasses. Japanese electronics company, Nissho agrees and wants to change the game with its new BDL5231-3D2R 52-inch 3D TV

Only available in Japan, the BDL5231-3D2R doesn't require glasses for you to enjoy your movies in three dimensions. It's a full HDTV set with a 2:000:1 contrast ratio and a 8ms response time. Not cutting edge, but not shabby. How much would you pay for the luxury of not wearing shades when watching Avatar at home? If you said $20,850 then you're in luck as that's what the Nissho's charging for one. Maybe the price will lower once it hits American shores.

[via Ubergizmo]

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