There shouldn’t be much of a need for an explanation of who Prince is, but if you need one, we suggest you get yourself to a copy of Purple Rain as soon as possible, followed closely by Dirty Mind, 1999, and Sign O’ The Times. But while it’s essential for any fan of popular music in the past three decades to be acquainted with the man’s output, it’s not necessarily a requirement if you just want to party. After all the best place to experience his music is on a dance floor. All that gated reverb, those silky synth lines, the grinding drum machine beats—they were made for you to get down, and getting to hear them blasting out of a large soundsystem is one of life’s greater pleasures. And if it’s your first time hearing it, all the better.

Doors open at 9 p.m. for this party, and who knows how long it will go, since Monday is Memorial Day.—Finn Cohen

DJ Dredd Presents the Music of Prince
Sunday, May 29
9 p.m.
Black Cat
1811 14th St NW, Washington, D.C.
Tickets $9 ($12 at the door)

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