5. AFTER SEX (2007)

Unbeknownst to many, Black Swan wasn’t Mila Kunis’ first sexual experiment with another respectable Hollywood actress. In 2007, she teamed up with Zoe Saldana to portray a bi-curious girl and an openly-gay seductress, respectively, in the lo-fi indie flick After Sex.

The dialogue-heavy pic features nine brief segments dedicated to the various difficulties surrounding modern-day relationships, though we’re only concerned with the scenes involving Kunis and Saldana. As a confident and sultry temptress, Saldana overpowers Kunis’ character, a wide-eyed beauty who’s looking to try out new things sexually.

Under normal circumstances, we’d accept the fact that a couple of marquee names like Kunis and Saldana aren’t going to roll around in bed together naked in a film any time soon. But check out this sample dialogue, said by Kunis: “How does pussy taste like?” You’re telling us they couldn’t follow that up with some nudity?

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