10. SUPERGIRL (1984)

The recent death of Adrianne Palicki’s Wonder Woman television pilot is the latest death knell for female superheroes; at this rate, we may never see a great heroine movie and/or TV show. It’s safe to assume that producers cite this 1984 travesty whenever questioning the potential of a girly comic book movie, no doubt quick to point out Supergirl’s laughable effects and miscast star, Helen Slater, who looks sexy as hell in tights but couldn’t act to save her life, let alone “the day.”

The director, Jeannot Szwarc, should’ve just called Roger Corman for advice and gone full-blown camp—we’re talking Slater flying through the air wearing only the red cape, before landing on the ground and exerting tons of physical motion while punching baddies and going chest-to-chest with the villainous Faye Dunaway.

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