15. CROSSROADS (2002)

Britney Spears has plenty to be embarrassed about, including shaving her head bald, attacking paparazzi with an umbrella, smoking cigarettes near her baby, and other public offenses we’ll leave to grudge-holding gossip bloggers. These days, though, we’re pro-Brit, thanks to her recent string of knockout pop records—admit it, “Till The World Ends” is crack.

Before we absolve Spears of her past transgressions, however, we must spit venom upon Crossroads, her incredibly cheesy acting debut. Predictable and overly melodramatic, it’s a painful road movie—co-starring Taryn Manning and a pre-notoriety Zoe Saldana—that makes Degrassi: The Next Generation seem like Skins.

Speaking of skin (zing!), Crossroads does have a hotel scene that could benefit from a shower interlude, preferably one in which all three gals hop in together to save time. They are trying to make it to Los Angeles—it’s all about plot here, people.