Earlier this week, we speculated that the next-generation Nintendo console would be revealed at E3 in June. And yesterday, sites began citing “reliable” sources to confirm that this is indeed the case. And if you're a believer, there are some juicy details about the rumored console to nibble on. Codenamed Project Café, the new console has similar architecture to the Xbox 360 and will outperform Microsoft’s aging console by a smidge. On the plus side, the console may be compatible with Gamecube and Wii games, though we cannot fathom how they will swing that. The controller has Nintendo-crazy written all over it, sporting a 6-inch touch screen, front camera, and Wii sensor bar. And on top of all that, there’s apparently one huge surprise that will probably remain tightly locked away until E3. Is all this rumor or fact? It’s anyone’s guess, but if reports are true, then we’ll be seeing the “Wii Tuu” during the 2012 holiday season. [via Gamers Mint]