Though her ships are kept at Harbour Court in Newport, RI, the New York Yacht Club headquarters is located at 37 West 44th street. Almost equidistant from Manhattan’s two rivers, this clubhouse is decorated to look like it just emerged from the sea. The three windows, styled after a ship’s stern, drip with ornaments like seaweed and crustaceans.

Designed by Whitney Warren and built in 1901, the building is a beautiful example of contemporary modernity within a neo-baroque style. While the façade has traditional Corinthian columns and balanced geometry, its offset entrance and liquefied forms speak to the fluidity of the sea. Warren described the style as such: “The furtherance of naval architecture from the amateur point of view.”

Host of the original winning team of the America’s Cup, the New York Yacht Club represents the finest of gentleman’s establishments (sorry, Paradise).

Beyond the great windows lies the Model Room, which contains the prized hulls of thousands of ships. The naval motifs continue within, including a Grill Room that looks like a galley and mezzanine railings that emulate the deck. But the façade alone is telling enough to distinguish this building from all neighboring elite clubhouses like the Harvard and Cornell clubs, and the fabled Algonquin Hotel. -Babak Bryan