Three years later and we still feel the lack of David Foster Wallace. Probably we always will. Like Tupac, more work continues to surface from the departed genius, most recently in the form of the unfinished novel The Pale King. Through some mix-ups that would've tickled the writer, The Pale King, though originally slated for an April 15 release, actually hit shelves last Monday, hence why WORD's event was scheduled for the 14. Still, this Thursday they're encouraging anyone to email them with a piece of Wallace's they'd like to read. Non-readers should attend with open ears.

Reading from DFW can be a tricky prospect. With the footnotes and marathon sentences, Wallace's work is most thoroughly experienced on the page. Keeping that in mind, here's a list of a few items we would consider reading.

1. "Incarnations of Burned Children" from Oblivion
2. The last few pages of "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men #20" from Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
3. The filmography of the Stork from Infinite Jest

If you'd like to read, please email with your selection.

David Foster Wallace Memorial Readathon
Thursday, April 14
126 Franklin St, Brooklyn

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