Assassinated By: O-Ren Ishii
Cause of Death: Gunshot through the back of the head

Everything looks so much cooler in anime, doesn't it? Any of the scenes on this countdown would definitely play ten times bloodier and crazier in the popular Japanese animation style. That gives the random yet amazing anime sequence at the center of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Vol. 1 an edge over its competition here. QT can push things as far as his twisted heart desires in O-Ren Ishii's (Lucy Liu in human form) backstory, and he's clearly aware of the fact.

A flashback in which a young O-Ren's parents are sliced and diced right in front of her eyes prefaces the older and mentally damaged assassin in her common habitat: perched somewhere out of sight, with her scopes set upon a soon-to-be-dead mark. She fires a bullet, from what seems to be miles away, smack dab into the back of an unnamed big dog's head, opening a hole through which dude's two groupies look and shriek.

If any director could handle a scene like this one in real-life, we're sure it'd be Tarantino. But we're glad he didn't.