Assassinated By: Dozens of Alejandro Sosa's goons
Cause of Death: Multiple gunshots leading up to a shotgun blast through his back

It's the quintessential "going out like a G" moment. And to think, Tony Montana's (Al Pacino) last stand is the result of a rare moment of conscientious thinking. Drug kingpin Alejandro Sosa calls upon Tony to assassinate a journalist, but right as the hit is about to happen, Tony sees that his target's family is there with him, and he calls off the job—which, unsurprisingly, doesn't sit too well with Mr. Sosa.

Rather than send a lone assassin to the Casa De Montana, Sosa unleashes a large army of gunmen onto the makeshift palace. Tony ultimately falls to his death, landing in a water fountain, adorned by a sign reading, "The World is Yours." But not before taking upwards of 30 bullets, blowing fools away with an M-16 grenade launcher and sending many foes to Hell with him. Of course, he's hopped up on mounds of cocaine the entire time and doesn't seem to feel a single bullet, but the resiliency is still highly impressive.

The lesson learned here: Don't do drugs. And always keep an M-16 grenade launcher handy.