Hitman 5? IO's hairless assassin may be returning, judging from this weird alternate-reality game. Which is somehow not sponsored by Headblade. [Gameranx]

An EA executive seems to think Nintendo might have a high-def console to announce at E3 this summer. We say: THEY FUCKING BETTER! [Industry Gamers]

Since video can't really do the Nintendo 3DS justice, GIant Bomb has taken it upon themselves to render a video so it's viewable in 3D as long as you've got the old red/blue glasses. Or if you hold one of those red/blue gang truce bandannas over your eyes. [Giant Bomb]

After yesterday's Arkham City video dropped, now we come to find out that the Riddler's back? Awwwwww shit. [IGN]

IGN claims Crysis 2 plays significantly better on the Xbox 360 than the PS3. Crysis 2's developer calls bullshit. Also, shenanigans. Also, bullshenanigans. [Warp Zoned]

Wait, so chessboxing really does exist? We knew GZA couldn't lie to us for this long. [Kotaku]