On a press run for his latest flick, Red Riding HoodGary Oldman had some interesting things to say to MTV News about the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. Although he admitted that he hasn't read the full script yet, he mentions that director Christopher Nolan has topped his massive box office smash, The Dark Knight. Bat-fans have unfortunately have to cope with the sad reality that this will likely be the end of the modern Batman franchise as we've come to know and love it. Oldman reaffirms Nolan's statement by adding that Rises will tie up all the loose ends as a triology.

"The scope [of the film] and also the way he [Nolan] brings it back to 'Batman Begins,' and really what Bruce Wayne discovers about himself. What he learns about himself at the end of this ones," is how the actor describes the film's climatic tone. When pressed for more Bat-goodies, Oldman dropped dime saying, "I think it's a villain from one of the old, old, from way back from the old comics. It is a Batman villain... it's not going to be The Joker." 

With Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway already packing a one-two punch as Bane and Selina Kyle/Catwoman, respectively, does this mean that we'll be seeing Talia al Ghul (Marion Cotillard) or The Riddler (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) on an IMAX screen soon? Time will tell but that may be the link that ties Rises to the plotline of Batman Begins.

 Bat-fans won't have to wait long for confirmation. Production on the Christian Bale-starring flick is expected to begin shortly with the crew eyeing a July 20, 2012 release.