In The Silent House, supposedly "based on a true story," a cute girl and her father get hired to refurbish a broken house in the outskirts of Uruguay. Foolishly, they decide to spend the night in this cottage. After hearing suspicious noises from upstairs, the father goes to investigate, but doesn’t return, which leaves the girl caught up in all forms of devastating supernatural wickedness. And it looks pretty badass.

The most interesting part of this film is its purported use of one long, edit-free shot for the entire movie, which, naturally, we doubt is the case. Done by many filmmakers before for just one scene, this technique is normally kept short since it could easily fail to tell a narrative. When done right, it can knock socks off, like in Children Of Men (which has not one but two "single take" showstoppers). Considering that this Silent House trailer has us a bit shook, perhaps Hernandez is on to something. 

Believe it or not (we're sure you will), there's already an American remake in the can; starring Mary Kate and Ashley younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, it's directed by the team behind Open Water and premiered at Sundance this past January. The reviews weren't bad, and most critics praised Olsen's performance, but we're more excited about the Uruguayan original. 

Since there's no U.S release date at the moment, we’ll just have to wait until after the Brits catch it in the U.K later this month.