On the face of it, a television pilot called Once Upon a Time sounds like the type of thing you'd avoid like episodes of Grey's Anatomy. What kind of treacly premise could possibly await you on a show with a fairly tale name like that? Well, how about a modern-day fairly tale from a couple of guys who used to work on Lost?

The ABC pilot from former Lost executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz centers on a small Maine town where creepy/magical things happen. Thrust in the middle of all this? Actress Ginnifer Goodwin, who was just cast today as the series' version of Snow White. She'll do battle with an evil queen played by Lana Parrilla. (Incidentally, Parrilla appeared on Lost as one of the women in the underwater hatch waiting for Charlie at the end of season three; related: poor Charlie!)

As with all of these pilots, whether or not Once Upon a Time ends up becoming a series remains unclear. But considering its pedigree, and previously stated adherence to casting hotties, don't be surprised if it does.